What We Do

Thames Property Nest Eggs provides an opportunity for individuals to come together, to invest in the London property market.

Here's how it works:
Every property nest egg is funded by a small group of individual investors. The investors can be located anywhere in the world.
The initial value of nest egg properties varies, and can be anything between £250,000 and £1m.
Once we launch a nest egg investment opportunity and have it fully funded, our accountants set up a new company, specifically for that nest egg and its investors.

There are 3 versions of a nest egg property investment:
Firstly, there are ‘Fast Track’ nest eggs…where we purchase a property, refurbish it and then sell it immediately.
Secondly, there are ‘Classic’ nest eggs… where we purchase a property, refurbish it, rent it out for a few years, to generate rental income, and then sell it.
Finally, there are ‘Off-Plan’ nest eggs, where we source discounted properties from developers, before they are actually built.
When a nest egg life-cycle is completed, all net profits from rental income and sales are distributed to the individual investors

To maximise investment potential, and minimise risk, all nest egg properties fit a strict profile.
‘Classic’ and ‘Fast Track’ nest eggs are always within the London Orbital M25 Motorway; they are always in need of modernisation, and they are always cash-purchased.
‘Off Plan’ nest eggs are also within the London Orbital M25 Motorway and always have at least 2 years to run before the development is built. In addition, the developers must give the option for the nest egg investors to actually sell the property before completion, should they wish to do so.

For investor security and peace of mind, the professional team acting for each nest egg consists of 3 elements…
Thames Property Nest Eggs Ltd provides set-up, sourcing, project management and estate agency services.
Royds Withy King Solicitors provides independent legal services to the nest egg investment group, and Moore Stephens provides independent accountancy services.

The absolutely unique feature of all nest eggs is that the investors themselves are in full control of their investment at all times, and therefore the investors make all the key decisions.
We, and our associate professionals, provide all the expertise, support and guidance, and do all the legwork in implementing the decisions made by the investors.

If you would like more information about our current nest egg investment opportunities, please register your interest via the box on the Home Page of this website. Alternatively you can email to info@thamespropertynesteggs.com or call us on 0207 101 4929.

Thank you for taking the time to learn about Thames Property Nest Eggs and we look forward to hearing from you.