What We Do

We believe that the Thames Property Nest Eggs model offers a compelling option for individuals who want to make a meaningful financial commitment, maintain control of their direct investment, and spread risk by investing in the London property market alongside other like-minded people.

1. We provide unique, direct investment access into the London Property market and therefore an easy way to get onto the London property ladder.

2. For each property 'Nest Egg' that we establish, we provide all the expertise and experience, and do all the leg-work for investors.

3. We coordinate and manage everything... all purchasing, legal, accountancy, corporate, project management and estate agency functions.

4. We structure everything to be both investor friendly and risk mitigated. With our advice and guidance, investors make all the key decisions. The 'Nest Egg' investment model however, remains effectively an arms-length and passive investment.

syndicate ownership: an explanation

The Thames Property Nest Eggs 'syndicate-ownership' model enables small groups of up to 10 individuals to come together, for the sole purpose of jointly investing in a London property. This allows both capital benefits and risks to be shared amongst the syndicate members. The key to the Thames Property Nest Eggs model however is that, whilst Thames Property Nest Eggs and its associate professionals take away the leg-work of property ownership, all decisions as regards each 'Nest Egg' property remain with the members of each syndicate.

Direct investment in property is not without its risks (see 'Risk Warning'). In the Thames Property Nest Eggs model, risks are mitigated by the fact that all property purchases are cash-buys, so free of all borrowing, and therefore also free of all interest rate fluctuations. Each property 'Nest Egg' also holds a contingency fund, usually 5% of the 'Nest Egg' fund value e.g. a £250K 'Nest Egg' would always hold a contingency fund of £12.5K. Syndicate members therefore know that once they have committed their capital into a 'Nest Egg', they will have no obligation to provide further top-up funds.

Each property 'Nest Egg' is constituted of up to 10 syndicate members, all owning a proportionate share of the limited company that owns the 'Nest Egg' property. Each syndicate member has a pro-rated vote within the syndicate, for example in deciding which property to buy and when exactly to sell.

Moore Stephens Accountants incorporates each 'Nest Egg' company and establishes each 'Nest Egg' bank account. When a 'Nest Egg' is fully funded, Thames Property Nest Eggs then sources 2 potential properties, and presents these to the syndicate with accompanying reports. Once the syndicate has chosen its preferred property, a full structural survey of that property is actioned, prior to purchase. Two refurbishment quotes are subsequently commissioned and presented to the investment syndicate. The syndicate then chooses its preferred contractor. Our role at this point is to ensure that the refurbishment works are done to a high standard, on time and within budget.

All key decisions are made by the investors themselves. Our role is simply to do all the leg-work and to orchestrate everything on behalf of the investment group. Therefore, the investors vote to decide on the property we purchase on their behalf, from a short-list provided by us and the investors vote on the building firm to carry out the refurbishments, also from a short-list of quotes provided by us.

100% of all net profits are distributed to the 'Nest Egg' investors.

the london property market

Why London? Why Property?

Any analysis of past investments in any market-place, be it shares, property, classic cars, art, commodities et al, is no guarantee of future successes in the same market. However, we believe that the London property market has not only a compelling track-record, but also, if you know where to buy in London (and how to buy in London), there is a strong chance of attractive returns in the future. Our strategy for sourcing properties includes looking for opportunities within the M25 which are particularly associated with the emerging 'Cross Rail' initiatives, and where the property can be refurbished or upgraded. We believe that these factors, when combined with London`s central position in the world economy, makes a strong case for a commercial venture in London property.