Current 'Nest Egg' Opportunities

There are currently 4 'Nest Egg' opportunities available for investment:

1. A £250K 'Classic Nest Egg' (5 years hold): Buy >> Refurbish >> Rent Out for 5 Years >> Sell

2. A £350K 'Fast Track Nest Egg': Buy >> Refurbish >> Sell Immediately

3. A £500K 'Fast Track Nest Egg': Buy >> Refurbish >> Sell Immediately

4. 'Solo Nest Eggs': Because of the bespoke nature of 'Solo Nest Eggs', investors can request a 'Solo Nest Egg' at any time, and for any investment amount in excess of £250K.

Enquiries and applications are invited for any of the 4 'Nest Egg' opportunities identified above… 'Classic', 'Fast Track' or 'Solo'.

Each 'Classic Nest Egg' or 'Fast Track Nest Egg' will be funded by a maximum of 10 investors.

Once a 'Nest Egg' funding round is initiated, Moore Stephens Accountants will establish a limited company and bank account for the 'Nest Egg'. We will then source at least 2 property options on behalf of the syndicate. The exact property choice will be totally at the discretion of the syndicate members. The property purchase price will account for around 80% of the 'Nest Egg' funds. The property will be in need of refurbishment, located somewhere within the M25, and in line with our regeneration/CrossRail purchase criteria. Around 10% of the 'Nest Egg' fund will be set aside for refurbishment costs, leaving approximately 5% available for legals, completion fees, accountancy, 'Nest Egg' running costs and a further 5% as an initial safety-net contingency fund.

With the 'Classic Nest Egg' (5 years hold), once refurbished, this property will be rented out for 5 years and then sold on the open market, in accordance with the instructions of the syndicate members. Throughout the 5 years rental period, there will be an annual (potentially tax free) dividend distribution to all shareholders, the level of which will be voted on by the shareholders themselves, bearing in mind the importance of maintaining a 5% safety-net contingency fund.

At the point of sale of all 'Nest Egg' properties, ('Classic' and 'Fast Track'), all profits are shared between the syndicate investors and Thames Property Nest Eggs. Thames Property Nest Eggs takes 10% of all gross profits and the 'Nest Egg' company takes 100% of all subsequent profits for its shareholders. This rewards structure ensures that we buy well, refurbish well and sell well on behalf of the investors.

Post property sale, the 'Nest Egg' company and bank account will then be wound up.

To register your interest in any level, or version of a 'Nest Egg' ('Classic' 'Fast Track' or 'Solo') please contact us via any of the 3 methods below:

1. Via the Contact page here.
2. By calling our office on 0207 101 4929
3. By emailing us at info@thamespropertynesteggs.com

We will get back to you within 24 hours.