Fees & Finances


1. Invoiced to each individual investor
a. Administration/Set-Up Fee: £825 per investor.

2. Invoiced to the ‘Nest Egg’ company
a. Sourcing Fee: 2.5% of the ‘Nest Egg’ fund
b. Project Management of the Refurbishment: 10% of the actual refurbishment costs
c. Accountancy and Legal Fees: Invoiced directly by lawyers and accountants acting for the ‘Nest Egg’ company.
d. Sales Commission, at the point of sale of the ‘Nest Egg’ property... (1.5% of sale price).

3. In the case of a ‘Classic Nest Egg’ (3 to 5 years hold)
a. Letting Agent Fees...10% of rental income.
b. Annual Management Fee of £1000.


1. Purchase Strategy
a. All ‘Nest Egg’ properties are cash purchased

2. Use of ‘Nest Egg’ Funds
a. Approximately 80% of each ‘Nest Egg’ fund is used to purchase the property.
b. Approximately 10% of each ‘Nest Egg’ fund is used to refurbish the property.
c. Approximately 5% of each ‘Nest Egg’ fund is used to finance fees.
d. Approximately 5% of each ‘Nest Egg’ fund is held in reserve as a safety-net, contingency fund.

3. Financial Benefits to Investors
a. Annual dividend from rental income (‘Classic’ Nest Egg Investment).
b. Pro-Rata percentage share of net profits, at sale of ‘Nest Egg’ property.